Alcohol abuse can cause many repercussions on your life, including long run health problems and social issues. Alcohol could be a depressant that interrupts normal brain function, causing short term blackout and motor skill impairment. Drinking alcohol has the identical effect on the brain as taking heroin or crack cocaine!

It is also addictive – around 1 in 10 of those who drink have alcohol dependence.
Check out this list of 5 reasons you must stop drinking alcohol for a few motivation.

Alcohol is harmful to your physical health:

The damage caused by heavy drinking spans beyond liver cirrhosis; it also can damage your heart, pancreas and brain.

Drinking alcohol increases your risk of developing cancer, particularly mouth, throat, liver, breast and bowel cancer.

Alcohol is harmful to your mental health:

Heavy drinking can cause depression and anxiety. It may trigger psychotic episodes in those who are vulnerable to them.

Alcohol is harmful to pregnant women and their unborn children:

Pregnant women who drink are more likely to possess a miscarriage or stillbirth. Their children are also born with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), which may cause physical and intellectual disabilities.

Alcohol is harmful to those who try to thin or stay healthy:

Alcohol is high in calories and has no nutritional value. It may also stop you from losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight.

Alcohol is harmful to your social and professional life:

Heavy drinking can result in problems with work, relationships and socialising. It also can cause you to be more likely to interact in risky behaviour, like violence or unsafe sex. So there you’ve got it –
If you’re having trouble quitting drinking on your own, seek help from an expert.

There is always support available if you would like it.

AA is a superb resource for people trying to quit drinking. you’ll find an AA meeting near you by visiting their website:

Alternatively, speak to your doctor about the most effective thanks to stopping drinking alcohol. Thanks for reading! :)​​​

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