Sometimes life gets out of control.

The world makes a turn of 180 ° and suddenly everything changes.

Society Evolves (?) Or better, it Transforms, People Change, other fears come up; the environment and the dynamics that we knew are no longer the same.

It is at that moment that we must look within ourselves and find our own PERSONAL POWER.

The only thing you can control Here and Now is Yourself.

This sounds simple and yet it is not.

It is something that is learned and developed.

It is related with Mindset, with the Empowerment Capacity and with many psychological, sociological and biological factors that dance and interact with each other creating in us that Force; That Power that makes us stay on our feet when the whole world seems to collapse around us.

Start at the Beginning:

You must start by Knowing Wh YOU Are.

Self-knowledge is the first step to begin  Your Journey towards the conquest of Your Personal Power.

Ask yourself what you like, what gives you Peace? In which environment do you feel better? What circumstances get you out of control? what makes you feel anxious? tense? angry? sad and desperate?

The answers to these questions will change as you acquire more Life Experience.

Power Begins in GRACE:

Grace is something that is practiced. it is one of the most sublime forms of kindness; it goes far beyond Courtesy.

It is the ability to look in front of Your shadow. Act with GRACE and Learn to Accept yourself as You Are.

Know your strengths

You can Shine your Light, and Take control of Your Personal Power when You know your talents; When you know what you came to do in this world.

I invite you to make an inventory of everything you are good at doing:

Are you good at writing? public speaking? design? to draw? build? motivate other people? Perhaps you prepare delicious dishes or play an instrument very well.

Maybe you know how to listen very well to others, or you are excellent at managing personnel or you have a special talent with technology.

Check your Weaknesses

In the same way as you must connect with your Strengths, you must also analyse what is less good; Make a list of what you need to improve or simply recognise the areas in which you do not excel so that you learn to delegate! This is very important! You don’t have to do everything yourself!

Delegating can also be very productive.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Social networks are an excellent way to connect with other people but at the same time they generate another reality; Sometimes a distorted reality in which many people appear to live a perfect life.

This sometimes makes us doubt our life, our abilities and begin to compare ourselves with others. You must learn to recognise

Reality as it is to that false and made-up reality that we can perceive on social networks.

It is perhaps a good time for you to start limiting Your browsing time on these networks or stop following the people who cause you to compare yourself. There are many other things you can do to connect with your Own Personal Power: some of them are:

Define Your Own Concept of ​​Success

Open yourself to Change Practice Self-Care Write in a Journal Make Daily Affirmations Exercise Sleep Well Eat Healthy Recognise and Accept You Can’t Control It Anything.


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