Know yourself

at a Soul Level…

Access your Akashic Records!

Know your Soul’s Purpose
Understand and clear your patterns, blocks and restrictions.
Know the origin and Blueprint. of your Soul
Become aware of your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts
Have a deep connection with who you are at a Soul Level!
“Meeting Luisa has been one of the most incredible things that have happened to me, it was the moment to reaffirm that there are no coincidences, that she was sent with the precise intention that she would enlighten me at a very important moment in my life. I have been accompanying. More than a coach, she is a light that illuminates and heals, that always sees beyond. We do not know each other personally but I always feel her close. It is incredible that every time I feel that I need her, she is the one who calls me. I give thanks for having Luisa in my life.
Giuliana Zitto, Restaurant Owner

A Soul Realignment process allows you to get clear about the quality of your soul restoring your Blueprint and giving you a sense of direction.

Claudia Quintero, Human Resources Expert

The accompaniment of Luisa as a coach has been fundamental in my growth process, the way she asks questions have helped me to delve into some issues that have finally brought a very big impact on my life. She also has a great gift to explain, taking into account that her audience is varied and she always finds a way to connect with each person from what moves her.

“I help people at crossroads and without sense of direction in their lives to reignite their fire and find their soul’s purpose so that they can be step into their power, be happier, healthier and shine their light into the light”.

Luisa Convers

How the Akashic Records can help you


Through the Akashic Records you can get a better connection with your Soul, know your Divine Gifts and recognise your patterns, blocks and restrictions.
Once you are aware of who you are at a Soul Level and recognised your patterns, blocks, restrictions and limiting beliefs we can do a Soul Realignment process that will  help to restore your your Soul’s Blueprint so you can manifest  the life you desire.

We can also clean the energy of the spaces. Negative thoughts and emotions sometimes get stuck in your office or home, causing you to feel blocked or depressed. By cleaning the energies of the spaces, negative energies are released and this contributes to the well-being of all the inhabitants of your house.

Some common myths about the Akashic Records

Myth # 1

“Only a few people can access the Akashic Records”

Everybody with an Inspired Intention and some intuition can access the Akashic Records.

To access the records we must work on ourselves and our shadows. We need to have an Inspired intention and connect in a deep way with our hearts.


Myth # 2

“The Akashic Records can predict the future”

Nope; Imagine the Akashic Records as a book. There is nothing written about the future. Yet, you find there your entire soul´s journey.  When you recognize your blocks, restrictions, and patterns, you can change them today so yo can change your future.  That is different from predicting what is going to happen.

Myth # 3

“Accessing the Akashic Records is  like a past life regression

It is possible to find some past life information about vows or contracts you have made yet, this is not always the case. Your soul will show you the information you are ready to receive and process Now.

Nevertheless, the patterns that you are experiencing now, might have started in a previous life.

Myth # 4

“The Akashic Records are some whoo whoo from some hindu religion”

Actually all the cultures speak in some way or other about the Akashic Records. They transcend all religions as they connect with Universal Cosnciusness and Divine Awareness

“Luisa Convers is a “Wellbeing Warrior; she has great knowledge of yoga and wellness. She is the Instructor you want to have when you are starting your practice because she can guide you through different styles so that you discover your inner beauty through practice. I totally recommend it!.”
Katarzyna Richter,

What to expect during a sesion:

# 1

Before starting…

To book a session, first, send me an email with your full name, date, place of birth, and your Inspired Intention to enter your Akashic records.

# 2

Zoom call of about 90 min

We will meet on zoom where I will share all the information founded on your Akashic Records and I will be answering your questions. If there is an issue you need to workd on deeply we can have some healing , coaching or tapping around it.

# 3


After our call you get the recordings and and complete report of your reading. You also get a homework that you should do for the next 28 days in a row. Your Soul Realignment process is only possible when you do the work!

# 4


I will be available if you have questions or if some issues come up. 

Interested? Contact me.

But Wait! there is more!

There is more magic for you!

Add a HEALY session and a 1-1 coaching call with me 2 months after our first meeting so you can reinforce the process and clear all the stuff that has come up.

What Other People Say About Working With Me

“There is nothing short of extraordinary to have a session with Luisa!”

“The magic started even before getting in touch with her, as a series of coincidences/syncronicities led me to her wisdom. Luisa is easy to talk to and very personable. She takes her mission seriously, but she approaches her clients joyfully and lightly, which makes it all very enjoyable. The session with her shed light on a few questions I had, it brought in confirmations, and at the same time it opened the gates of inquiry on a topic I overlooked previously. Lots of food for thoughts, but more than that, balm for your soul and soothing for your heart. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Luisa if you feel there is something more to your life, but you’re not quite sure how to tap into those energies”.

“She will be by your side to guide you!

Sinziana Carstocea,
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