Have you already taken the most important decision of your life? Be happy! It is a choice. This might sound familiar to you: being happy is a decision that each and every one of us can take (or not) . It is an action. Saying yes to happiness is something you and only you can do.

For other people this might sound crazy; people can react like: What are you talking about? How on eath a mother who has just lost her child can decide to be happy? Or how someone living in poverty can be happy? Or a cancer patient? How can he decide to be happy? Yet, the answer to all these questions is YES.

It is your choice to be sucked up by the drama around you and get identified with the painful circumstances around you or to decide to be an observer and find out the lessons behind it, learn from it and choose to be happy.

If you end a relationship you have to take time to forgive and let go but then, when the time’s right you can open your heart and let another person in. If you are diagnosed with an illness, have some time to experience all what is going through your mind and at some point, face your fear, and decide to live with an attitude of acceptance instead of resistance; allow it to be and be open to learn the lessons from it.

Every situation in your life is a new opportunity to be open and let happiness come in. Make it your daily prayer; your meditation: Happiness is my decision and my choice.