If you want a running tip, first of all, I need to ask, why do you want to start running?

If you answer that it is beneficial for your health, running is definitely the way to go. It makes you feel better, helps reduce your weight and keeps your heart healthy.

Runners have fewer heart diseases than non-runners because it keeps the blood pressure low, which can help prevent strokes or other injuries.

Running provides many health benefits so, if you want an easy and safe start, keep reading!

1.  Do not run too much too soon!

I personally made this mistake, and after a few weeks of steady training, I could not take it anymore. It is better to listen closely to our bodies because if we push beyond ourselves to what is comfortable or familiar, then bad things will happen (like me). 

So, start by walking. Yes, I know you are anxious to start running, but walking is the best way to start. Walk for 3-5 minutes and then slowly start to jog. You can increase the amount of time you walk before jogging; just make sure you never run for more than 5 minutes at a time.

2.  Warm-up

As with any other physical activity, you should warm up before running if you don’t want to get injured. A 5-minute brisk walk should do the trick.

3.  Wear the right clothes 

I can’t emphasize this enough! The wrong clothes can ruin your running experience. Make sure to wear breathable clothes that don’t restrict your movement and fit well.

4.  Get a good pair of shoes.

If you’re going out for a run, wear high-quality and not worn-out shoes. 

 If you run in the wrong shoes, it can lead to injury and pain, so make sure you get fitted with some great shoes or sneakers designed specifically for runners.

5.  Have fun! / Motivation

Start to Run

Start to run is possible and super fun!

This is something that keeps me running and enjoying running. 

I enjoy running because I know it makes me feel better!. 

And running with my partner boosts my motivation as well. Just have fun while doing it!

And there you go! 5 tips to start running. Good luck with your first running session! Or if you

already run, these are some lessons learned from experience 🙂 

If you have any questions or want to show off your running routes, just comment below!

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