Benefits of Oil Pulling

Having a morning routine is absolutely important. I have a very steady and complete routine that involves meditation, journaling, yoga, pranayama, combing my hair in a meditative way and of course: OIL PULLING.

I first heard about oil pulling during a yoga course in India. At the beginning I was a bit exceptic about  having oil on my mouth

during 20 minutes every morning in order to improve my health.

But I’ve decide to give it a try: swishing coconut o sesame oil around  my mouth, like a mouthwash. I must be honest. The first time it felt awful and I even thought I was going to trow it all out.

But I continued and I have not stopped ever since. That means that I’ve been practicing oil pulling since  March 2008!

This being said, I now must share with you the benefits of this indian ancient practice:

We accumulate lots of different types of bacteria in our mouth and they create a layer known by “plaque”

This plaque can usually lead to bad breath, gum issues, cavities and gingivitis.

Helps to prevent or relieve allergies, cold and headaches.

Reduce constipation ,arthritis and joint pain.

Prevents heart disease and high blood pressure

And it is a very un expensive way to maintain your teeth WHITE!

After swishing the oil on your mouth for about 20 minutes you can put it into a glass container (do not trow it the garbage or though the sink!) and when the container is full, bring it to the oil recycle service of your city.

It is recommended to use organic oil, pressed in cold and the best for Oil-pulling are: Sunflower, sesame and coconut oil.

If you want to try this, please start  with 5 minutes and increase the time. You will see changes after the3rd week. Continue for at least 45 days and let me know how it goes!

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*photo by: Alexas_Fotos