Inversions have never been so easy!

Join our FeetUp® classes and workshops and experience the ease and fun of inversions.

The FeetUp® trainer is a very safe device that will help you to master inversions while having a proper alignment and building strenght and flexibility.

Have a look at our schedule and book a class online.

See you there!

Luisa Convers

Join our online FeetUp® classes and experience the flow and fun of being upside down.

Inversions are very healthy for our bodies and the FeetUp trainer allows us to practice them in a very safe and comfortable way.

If you don’t have your FeetUp® trainer yet, please send me an email and I will give you. a promo code so you can get a discount on the FeetUp website.

Our classes are Sunday at 10:00 am. You must register before joining. Let me know if you have ANY question!

You can also join our “normal” yoga classes online (Hatha, Kundalini or ashtanga every Wednesday at 20:00CET and Sunday at 11:00CET.



Our next FeetUp® workshop will be on March 19th from 10 to 12.30 in our Studio.   All the equipment is available. However if you prefer to bring your own trainer, you can bring it. Book on time, we have limited places available!

Click Here to book your place.