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 Find your Soul’s Purpose



Hacer lo que estás destinada a hacer!

Tener relaciones satisfactorias y saludables

Pasar tiempo de calidad con las personas que amas

Estar llena de energía y ser capaz de hacer las cosas que quieres hacer

Despertarte motivada y feliz...aún los Lunes!

Estar de buen humor y vivir una vida maravillosa, cada dia!



Puede haber algo mejor?


Es tiempo de escuchar a tu lama y encontrar tu propósito!

Por qué tu vida depende del Propósito de tu Alma:

Balacear tus 7 chakras te va a ayudar a descubrir tu verdadero potencial y te llevará al siguiente nivel..


When your body is aligned, is way easier to take aligned decisions and to live to your full potential! 


At the end of this program, you will have complete knowledge of your energy centres and a Soul Realignment through the Akashic Records.

 La razón por la cual tu vida puede estar estancada en este momento:

Presta Atención!  

Esto es importante si no quieres quedarte atrapada sin ni siquiera darte cuenta.t!

Vivimos en un mundo en el que la eficiencia y la productividad son una obligación. Si eres como yo, es posible que seas algo perfeccionista y "Over-achiever" y hayas logrado éxito económico y profesional y hayas llegado muy alto muy rápidamente!

Tal vez estás ganando un muy buen salario y tu agenda está llena con "citas muy importantes".

Pero en tu interior sientes que no estás viviendo TU VIDA.

Déjame hacerte una pregunta: si no te sientes feliz con tu vida..

Si te sientes atrapada o estancada:

O en el punto de No saber que hacer con tuvida...

Estos son los signos más importantes que demuestran que aún no has encontrado el propósito de tu alma aún:


🔓 Te sientes "Atrapada" en tu trabajo actual. Recibes buen salario y eso te dificulta salir de tu zona de comfort.

🙇🏽‍♀️ Cuando quieres cumplir las expectativas de otros, sientes desmotivada, con resentimiento y llena de rabia.

Cada mañana te preguntas por qué sigues en ese trabajo que tanto te aburre, y quisieras saber cómo recuperar tu poder y empezar a brillar tu propia luz en el mundo.

Cada mañana te preguntas por qué sigues en ese trabajo que tanto te aburre, y quisieras saber cómo recuperar tu poder y empezar a brillar tu propia luz en el mundo.

😰 Vives llena de ESTRÉS, cansancio y frustración.

💔 Your relationships are suffering, your health is suffering and you ask yourself when are you going to be brave enough to get out of that "hamster wheel" and start pursuing your dreams. You lack a sense of direction in your life.

✔ En tu interior SABES que puedes ser mas, hacer más y tener más satisfacción al vivir bajo tus propios términos.

If after reading that, you can see how ANY of that applies to you…

Then now you know why your WELLBEING is stuck… because you’re living up to other’s expectations and not really listening to your Soul’s Messages.

Your Soul Knows and your Heart guides you but the noise around you is not letting you understand their wisdom.

Find your soul’s purpose, listen to your heart’s calling and start living YOUR life on your own terms.

Not doing what you really love or not getting paid to do what really comes out of your heart will leave you depleted, tired and resentful.

Does this sound like you?


If so, just know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Know how to balance your 7 chakras 

& start a journey towards your soul

with the wisdom of the Akashic Records.

It will do wonders to your life!


We barely have time to breathe, experiencing lots of changes, working in a pandemic world, learning how to balance family and job. These are challenging times. Insecurity and anxiety are part of our daily life.

Therefore, I want to invite you to join me during 8 beautiful weeks so you learn how to balance your energy system and find the peace and calmness you deserve.

You may think you don’t have time.

The good news is that you can learn how to reduce stress and anxiety.

Find your Soul’s Purpose Program gives you the tools you need to live a more fullfilling life, to  be Unapologetically YOU, living by your own Terms and Conditions and stepping into your Power.


💜  Serve to others and become more creative by doing what you truly love.


💜  Own your life and don’t settle. make your dreams become true.


💜  Understand your heart and your soul.


💜  Live a healthier life. 

I hear you! you are wondering… how is this going to be possible?

Let me tell you that I’m here to help you.

Take a quick look inside my 90 days program!


Find your Soul’s Purpose Progam



Find your Soul’s Purpose Program is my 90-day step by step roadmap that will allow you to into your own power so you can start living the life you truly desire and deserve.


It is an incredible journey through your physical and spiritual bodies where you will be connecting with your chakras and learning how to balance them.


We will meet every week in group LIVE yoga sessions, each of one specifically designed to guide you into this journey.


Furthermore we will have 1 to 1 session each week so you can really start living your full potential


Your journey includes Pranayama, mudras, meditation and other important practices that will help you balance your Nadi’s and Chakra’s.

You will learn how to implement powerful techniques as well as which food you need to eat to balance your body.


You will get weekly masterclasses focused on time management, goals setting, IKIGAI and other important tools needed in order to plan and achieve the life you really want.


You will be able to understand and navigate your Soul through the Cosmic Library!  I will help you realign your Soul through the Akashic Records!

Taking care of yourself has never been so easy!!

With “Find your Soul’s Purpose and Live it I will help you transform your physical and mental health and you will align your body and mind to awaken your consciousness and incorporate practices that allow you to balance your chakras quickly and easy.



Let me reignite your fire so that you can focus on loving and nourishing yourself.



This was the coaching program I needed in order for me to be able to excel in all areas of my life.
Jen Schneider

Mindset Coach

Luisa is a  true well-being warrior. She is focused, strong and knowledgeable. she is the person you want. to have when you are starting your journey as she can help you to discover your inner beauty through daily practice. Highly recommended!
Kassia Richter

Wellbeing Strategist and Tetta Healer

I would not hesitate to recommend Luisa for her program because when you work with her you are getting a holistic combination of yoga, nutrition, fitness so we can live a more balanced life.
Melanie Moore

Abundance Coach

Discover exactly what is inside “Find your Soul’s Purpose

Module 1


Discover how to ground yourself and connect with Moohladara Chakra. Start mapping out the life you intuitively know that is available for you. Connect with who you truly are.


Module 2

Let your Gut speak

Listen to your gut as there is the place where the intuition starts. Your gut feeling tells you a lot! Svadshistana Chakra and all related with nutrition and digestion.

Module 3

Create your way:

Manipura chakra is related with creativity. In this module you will explore your talents and have amazing meditations that will guide you to your flow Time to reconnect with your inner child!

Module 4

Loving your Life

Time for Anahata Chakra. Your Heart, your love, your passion. Recognize what you truly love and live a deep forgiveness process. Cleansing forgiving and thanking are the key elements of this module.


Module 5

Speak your truth:

Stepping into your own power and owning your truth starts with a balanced Vishuda Chakra. Also learning to listen to others without judgement and honouring silence as part of your communication process.


Module 6

Clarity of your path:

Connecting and balancing AJNA chakra will give you great intuition. You will see things that were hidden before, you will be able to recognize your true path and you will be ready to take aligned decisions.


Module 7

Inner Wisdom:

When you have aligned all your 6 chakras you arrive to Sahasrara Chakra, also known as the “Thousand Petals Lotus”. Is the place where you are really connected with Source and Divine Wisdom.


Module 8

Your Soul Knows

This module is a 1 to 1 with me. Here you will connect with your Star Soul Chakra and we will access to your Akashic Records.  I will do a Soul realignment and will give you amazing information about your soul’s gifts, talents and purpose.



there are 2 ways to get inside “Find your soul’s purpose progam:

<Find Your Soul’s Purpose

(10 people only)

This is what you get:

        • 8 Modules packed with content (€666  value)

        • Video library with loads of yoga classes (invaluable)

        • 12 Live group coaching calls (invaluable)

        • Soul Reading (€97 value)


233 / mo.

for 12 months

or Pay In Full and Save!


Find Your Soul’s Purpose VIP

(5 people only)

This is what you get:

        • 8 Modules packed with content (€666  value)

        • Video library with loads of yoga classes (invaluable)

        • 12 Live group coaching calls (invaluable

        • Soul Reading (€97 value)

        • Plus on emojidex 1.0.34 12 Live Yoga Classes (€250 value)

        • Plus on emojidex 1.0.34Soul Realignment (€297  value)

        • Plus on emojidex 1.0.346 1 to 1 coaching calls (€666  value)

        • Plus on emojidex 1.0.34 1 healing session with HEALY  (€111  value)

333 / mo.

For 12 months

or Pay In Full and Save!



It is my delight to recommend Luisa’s this wonderful programme. Luisa has been able to immerse me in my yoga practice in a way that I had never experienced before. From postures to mantras, from particular breathing techniques to food, according to the Chakras.
Luisa approaches yoga in a holistic way : while still holding her students to high standards, her teaching style encourages to see yourself and your body evolving in a way that is both challenging, empowering, cleansing and reinvigorating.

Surely, I could not recommend Luisa’s programme more highly !


I joined Luisa’s program and I loved it . Find your Soul’s Purpose Program brings you on an in-depth journey through the chakras. Each chakra has a corresponding yoga class and written exercises to help release blockages. Luisa mixes different styles of yoga and uses her wealth of knowledge intuitively to guide the classes. She also uses beautiful meditations in her yoga nidra which include connections to the akashic records.

The magic started even before getting in touch with her, as a series of coincidences/synchronicities led me to her wisdom.

Luisa is easy to talk to and very personable.

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Luisa if you feel there is something more to your life, but you’re not quite sure how to tap into those energies”.

"Ella estará" a tu lado para guiarte!


This Offer and Bonuses Expire on March 31st at Midnight CET