Mantra chanting is very useful in these times of uncertainty and fear. “Gobinde Gobinde Hari Hari” is an amazing mantra that helps you to remove worries and is a great emotional healer.  I recommend you to chant it during 21 days !

Gobinde means God, the Sustainer  of all

Hari: Fesh, beautiful, God. It comes from the word HARA (remover of suffering, pain and negativity)

Gobinde Gobinde Hari Hari is also called the Mantra for Self Reflection.

When you chant Gobinda Hari you start a deep connection with yourself and with the infinite creativity within you. It is also a very intimate connection with God and you  experience his own creation through your existence.

You get a full understanding of the healing force, the grace and kindness of the Sustainer of all. it is the complete expression of God within You.

How to chant Gobinda Hari:

You can start chanting for 3 minutes and after a couple of days, increase the time until you can chant for 11 minutes. Chant it during 21 days with your eyes closed your hands crossed over your chest and the right wrist over the left. The palms should rest near the shoulders.

Become aware of the grace and infinite love

For 11 minutes, cross your hands over your chest at the wrist, right over left, palms resting near the shoulders.  Close your eyes and chant “Gobinda Gobinda Hari Hari” feeling the grace and the kindness of the One who lies in the center of your own Being.

Gobinda Gobinda Hari realigns you with your spiritual being; this will help you to remove the worries, fear and anxiety.  You can combine the chanting for this mantra with journaling so you can put your feelings into words and vibrate in a higher sequence. Be loving and compassionate towards yourself. Forgive and accept all that is.

There are different versions of this mantra, you can find the one that resonates for you.

Here you have one of my favorite version but of course, do your research and find the one you like the most.