Many women find it difficult to make peace with their bodies.

Either because society is responsible for dictating “the norm” of how we should see ourselves or simply because we are not in direct connection with it.

It is time to wake up and make peace with our temple.

All of us have felt very fat or very skinny, very young or very old, very simple or very complicated. Judging ourselves and other women seems to be normal.

But what if instead of making ourselves slaves to our appearance, we learn to love ourselves as we are, even if our body does not correspond to the ideal image of magazine covers?

Making that decision

is easier than it seems and yet many women find it difficult to think and feel that they are perfect just the way they are

It is not about forcing us to love our whole body, but at least to be neutral in front of it. To respect and care for it like the temple it is. At the end of the day, it is the vehicle that helps us to go through our life.

When we live from self-care, respect and total presence, we are going to make decisions that in one way or another will influence our physical appearance.

Eating the appropriate foods for our health and exercising regularly we will lose those extra pounds if we have excess, and we will shape a healthy and vital body.

It will not be the perfect body dictated by society. No! It will be a beautiful body from the inside out: healthy and full of energy.

There are two movements related to this topic.

The “positive body movement” tends towards unconditional love towards our body.

Very nice in theory but in practice many women stay on the road because it takes a big step going from dissatisfaction and unhappiness towards love.

The second one is the “body neutrality movement”, which is something like a truce. A middle way, a neutral place between hate and love.

The idea of ​​neutrality invites us to accept our body as it is, ceasing to judge ourselves. It is making peace with ourselves and with our vehicle.

We have become accustomed to looking in the mirror, to looking at ourselves from the outside in and in our culture everything revolves around external appearance.

We would then have to start by looking at ourselves from the inside.

Observing our thoughts and our emotions and something very important and definitive for our health and well-being: we must start with our habits!

Rest assured that when you sleep enough, when you exercise and eat nutritious food when you meditate or do some introspection activity when you are directing your habits towards a healthier lifestyle because you are interested in your Well-being and your health, more than in  your physical appearance,

Believe me that the image reflected in the mirror will be one that you like more and more. This will be a natural transition towards loving your body. It will be Not Forced.

When you start to live from the inside out, you begin to realise what it is like to LIVE in your body, what it is like to breathe freely, you will begin to connect more with your rhythm, with your moon days.

You will eat only when you are hungry and not just because it’s considered mealtime – you will listen to your heart and you will be more aware of the blood that runs through your veins. You will relax more with the issue of appearance and you will begin to BE.

Feeling attractive and sexy has nothing to do with your physical appearance.

Being lovable and desirable neither!

Love has nothing to do with beauty! A mother may adore her newborn baby, -which is not really as beautiful as she sees it! One can adore a dress that is already old and worn out.

What I mean by this is that it is how you feel, how you live your body and your physicality, how you accept yourself. That is what is going to be definitive to feel like a super sexy and super attractive woman. It’s a question of mentality, it’s like I said something that starts from the inside out.

At the moment I am preparing a program that you are going to love. 90 days to connect with that sexy and beautiful woman that you are from within!

You will learn a lot about healthy habits, food and exercise but we will have a very intense work around the limiting beliefs and the power of our mind when it comes to helping us BE and FEEL the Powerful women that we are.

So stay tuned because we will start very soon with this transformation from the inside out.

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