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Wether you want to Loose Weight, Become more Flexible, Have a greater Spiritual Connection or just have a Better Health!

All  the material and recordings are available at our private Facebook group as well as our exclusive membership platform.

“Since I participate in your yoga activities , I have learn how to become healthier,  my life has changed very positively, in terms of my attitude to life and I’m more resilient facing the present times. THANK YOU and A Thousand Blessings! María del Pilar C.

Our Wellbeing Warriors  Membership will help you to get your health back. You will have a better Mind-Body connection and you will become more Conscious and Aware.

Luisa Convers is an extraordinary human being with a great knowledge about everything related to Yoga and Wellbeing!

I enjoy her classes a lot because they have a variety of styles including Kundalini and Hatha.

I would not hesitate to recommend Luisa’s work, her courses and programs, because when you work with her, you receive a holistic combination of Yoga, Nutrition and Exercise and it is what we all need to live a Healthier, Spiritual and Balanced Life”


Melanie Moore, www.melaniemoore.co.uk

Luisa teaches at different European Institutions:

The European Council

Flemish Department of Culture and Sport

Cultural Centre

Het Huys 

These are the Reasons why you can’t afford Not being part of our Membership;

I see it all the time, over and over again. The moment my students commit to their transformation.. their LIFE CHANGES COMPLETELY!!”

Let’s check some investigations:

Studies from Harvard, Pennsylvania, Illinois and California Universities show that Yoga improves concentration and memory, REDUCES STRESS, AND ARTERIAL PRESSURE and Helps Improve Women’s SEXUAL LIFE.

It is scientifically proven that Meditation helps to create NEW NEURAL CONNECTIONS, promotes certain cognitive processes and benefits our physical and mental bodies.

According to a study from the University of Wisconsin, Meditation and Yoga increase the activity of the right prefrontal cortex, associated with POSITIVE MOOD  In other words, Yoga is the Best NATURAL Antidote to Depression.

5 common myths that PREVENT people from starting to practice Yoga and Meditation.

Myth # 1

“To do Yoga I have to Be Super Flexible and Bend like a Rubber”

You don’t need to be Flexible to start doing YOGA! just the opposite! you will become more flexible by doing Yoga! It’s a side effect when you do a regular practice.


Myth # 2

“Meditation is Very Difficult! I’m not Buddha!

You don’t have to be Buddha to meditate and it’s not hard to do it. You can start with a couple of minutes a day and specific techniques that  I’ll teach you.

Myth # 3

“To do Yoga I must go to a studio and pay lots of money!”

It’s not true. You can do yoga in a park, at home, at the airport… Anywhere! And although sometimes you can find expensive classes, at Wellbeing Warriors Membership get  live and pre-recorded classes at a very good price!

Myth # 4

“Yoga goes against Religion!”

The word YOGA means UNION Although its beginnings come from Hinduism, the practice is not related to Any Religion. By practicing Yoga we learn that We are ONE, with our body, our mind, the Universe and others.

Myth # 5

“Yoga is slow and boring!”

Not at all! There are different types of Yoga and some can be slow and quite relaxed but others are very physically demanding. At Wellbeing Warriors you get lessons from Kundalini, Ashtanga and Hatha traditions, so you have a bit of all: Very active classes where you will sweat a lot and others very easy in which you will not require much physical effort

“Luisa Convers is a “Wellbeing Warrior; she has great knowledge of yoga and wellness. She is the Instructor you want to have when you are starting your practice because she can guide you through different styles so that you discover your inner beauty through practice. I totally recommend it!.”

Katarzyna Richter, www.dealwithculture.com

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A growing platform with a great variety of classes : Kundalini,Hatha Vinyasa yoga,,Workouts, and Meditations classes! A very complete video library!!

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Women’s Circles

We gather  every Full Moon in a Sacred Space to share our experiences and honor our Divine Feminine.

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Group Calls

Each New Moon we do a Group meeting where we discuss the topic of the month and do “Hot Seat” for individual coaching

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V.I.P. Access to 11 Magical Intentions

A Transformative -Divine Given- process of 11 modules to learn how to design the life you want.

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What Other People Say About
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“When I decided to be part of Wellbeing Warriors membership, I didn’t imagine the positive impact it was going to have on my life.

I acquired a real commitment to myself and my well-being, creating physical and mental habits achieving a real transformation in my life.

In addition to accessing all available content, we form a tribe, a family, where we are encouraged and supported to continue our path to a better life”


Juliana López, www.porjulilopez.com

Akashic Records practitioner, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Health coach, energy clearing, lightworker.

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