Online Yoga

Why Yoga Online?

We all can learn yoga with the best instructors in the world.

You can go to India, Bali or Greece and experience an inner transformation while sitting at the feet of your “Guru”.

The good news is that you can have that experience at home because you are your own guru! your body knows, your spirit knows… You Know”.

The connection between you and your teacher should be there, and he or she must be a certified instructor with the knowledge and experience to guide you online

The essence of yoga practice can only be enjoyed with proper guidance.

I hear you!!  We all have enough of the online world right? our job is mostly online, family reunions and even doctor appointments and funerals are now online!

Is just too much! yes, but Yoga offers a different perspective. A way to relax and connect with your body. A healthy “YOU TIME”.

So? will you join me? I hope so!!

I offer English and Dutch online classes, please check the schedule below.


Luisa Convers


Benefits of Online Yoga

Here are the reasons why yoga classes are essential for online students:

  • Improving cognitive functions.
  • Mental Education
  • Relaxation and stress management.
  • A cultural journey.
  • New interaction ways.
  • More awareness and attention to safety

And of course of the other benefits of yoga!

  • Lessen the risk of burnout
  • Reduce depression and mental fog
  • Improve efficiency
  • Better confidence and more!

Who is Luisa Convers?

Luisa is a dedicated yoga instructor with more than 15 years of experience.

She teaches Hatha, Kundalini,  yoga for kids, FeetUp® and Ashtanga in different  European and Flemish Institutions and schools.

Her passion for health and wellbeing has brought her to study different disciplines like nutrition, reiki, yoga therapy.  She is also a coach, Akashic records Consultant and a Healy practitioner.

Luisa lives in Belgium and speaks English, Dutch, French and Spanish.

Contact Luisa 

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