Mindful running; the ultimate meditation practice. Instead of strong beats and up tempo, use your breath and consciousness while running. You will have a great connection and deep experience

Run with with the flow

It is completely possible to set a conscious intention while running. It is a great way to connect mind and body and find balance between relaxation and concentration.

If you are familiar with meditation you have already experienced the great transformation and benefits that you can have from it. You get peace of mind, better concentration and reduce anxiety.When you combine this with running all this benefits will multiply and you will have a sensation of bliss and fulfillment.

Running with a mindful state of mind allows you to flow and it helps you to get through it in a very easy way. At som point you can even feel that you are being softly pushed. Miles or kilometers will pass and you won’t feel it as much as when you are making mental list, or thinking in what you have to do after your run.

How to start a mindful run?

Before going out of your home set your intention. Be very clear about your purpose; then while putting your shoes on, give full attention to your feet. Feel them; honor them; be grateful for them and for all your body.

Once out, start to become very aware of your body, the air, the temperature and all the surroundings. Get into your body, your feelings and thoughts and focus on your movements. Observe your head and instead of putting away your thoughts just observe them andl et them be. Don’t beat yourself if your head is full… Is ok they will start to smelt out while you are mindfully running. ”

And then just start; one step at the time; Mindful; fully present. Here and Now. Enjoy your Run!