Customer Story Highlights

A Few Words From My Happy Customers

Luisa Convers

‎Carolina Restrepo

Coaching and Akashic:

Working with Luisa Fernanda Velasquez has been an incredible experience! Through his personal guidance, I have removed some of the burden he brought from the past and created more things that I really want in my life. Having her support as my counselor helped me in ways I could never have imagined. I will feel eternally grateful and honored to have met Luisa Fernanda, everyone should have someone like her by their side.

‎Adelaida Villamil Suarez

Course Magical Intentions (Magic Intentions):

For me the course of the 12 Magical Intentions is a wonderful opportunity to travel within oneself. To be aware of many things that daily life does not allow us to see. Reconcile ourselves and the people around us and not only with people but with the environment in which we live. Be aware of how wonderful the place we live in is and respect it. And to visualize, that is important to visualize with health, abundance and happiness. Thanks Luisa.

‎Celia Soto MW

Magic Intentions And Coach:

Celia Soto MW To have a fantastic life you need a mindset that many times we were not taught in childhood … So you have to learn it now. With Luisa and the magical intentions we create all the atmosphere necessary for a change in our lives, working day by day, installing successful customs! Thank you Luisa for being a light on the road … This is how more and more lights are born … and by the way, I LOVE YOGA CONTIGOOOO you already know 😊

‎Constanza Clavijo Alzate


Luisa Convers is committed to her work, she has excellent energy, she uses excellent methods: empowerment, a healthy lifestyle, yoga, spirituality, these are words that define her as a coach to improve your life.

‎Adriana Salazar


She is a wonderful human being, with great wisdom and love to guide us on the path of life.

‎Rebecca Roters‎

Last Friday I had my first yoga class with Luisa Fernanda Yoga and I was very happy. It was a very nourishing and grounding experience, I could sense her broad experience as a yoga teacher. I warmly recommend her classes and also her coaching skills.


I fell in love with Luisa’s positive energy and attitude from the moment I set foot into her class. Luisa is mindful of every student’s abilities and alternates challenging, dynamic flows and asanas with deep meditation. Her outlook on life is inspiring, just like her stamina! I leave class feeling energized, relaxed and happy.

‎Marie Louise

I consider myself so fortunate to have this opportunity learning in Luisa’s yoga class: never tiresome, every time something new to discover, her smile and pleasant aura make the day.


En étant à l’écoute et en toute simplicité, Louisa m’a mise à l’aise et m’a inspiré confiance avec son savoir-faire et son professionnalisme. Cela m’a aidé à me reconnecter à moi-même psychiquement et physiquement !

Trois mots décrivent mon ressenti à son cours: Respirer-Relier-Ressourcer … Breathe – Connect – Recharge … Ademen – Verbinden – Te Herbronnen


Je suis très heureuse de suivre ses cours qui m’apportent beaucoup.
En plus le prof est super sympa,je ne peux donc que recommander ce cours à tout le monde.


Ik was de eerste keer meteen enthousiast:
je no nonsense aanpak, spontaan
maar…toch ook veel sérieux en uitleg en zeer veelzijdig
met veel humor en positieve energie
je geeft en deelt ook veel van jezelf, (je grote verdriet… en de dingen die je gelukkig maken)
en bovendien is het een leuke groep die groeit
wil het niet meer missen: je geeft energie