You’ve heard it and seen it..the world has gone mad; such awful things are happening.

It’s like the collective fear that has been around us during the past months, has finally found a voice validating racism.

What’s going on? What is on the heart of those people attacking brothers and sisters just because they have a different skin color?

It is hard to imagine that the stories told by the history books are real: people brought from Africa to America, in chains Fathers and Mothers being slaves and working in cotton fields or doing the hard work that the privileged people did not want to do.

Those stories are real.

And we, White people, thought that they were in the past. We thought that racism was not longer an issue.

We entitled and privileged white princes and princesses did not feel the pain and discrimination that the black people have to stand every single day.

But now that’s no longer a secret. It’s out there in the media. We have seen the injustices, the murders and the abuse caused by a disgusting “entitled supremacy”.

It is time for this to STOP. It is time for us as White privileged people to stand up and and stop this nightmare. Brothers and Sisters your race is beautiful, your black skin is strong and and powerful; you have the sun in your smiles and the light of the stars in your eyes.

You are not alone. We are with you. I am with you. I see you. I feel you. You and me are One.


I invite you to do this meditation for Self Love. Only when you love yourself you can recognise that the other person is you. 

You are the light of your Soul, you are Bountiful, you Are Beautiful, you are Bliss..