Yoga allows a deep connection with your body and soul.

It can help you to find your purpose in life. Yoga helps you to connect with the divine within, and this is why so many people are turning towards yoga as a way of finding their true calling in life. When you align your body, mind, and soul, you create space for miracles to happen. You open yourself up to new possibilities and new opportunities. You become more connected with the universe and your true purpose begins to unfold before you.

It is important to find what makes you happy, and then pursue that with all of your heart. When you are in alignment with who you are meant to be, amazing things will begin to happen in your life. Yoga can help you find your path in life, and it can guide you toward happiness.

The purushartas from the Upanishads and Mahabaratha speak about the soul’s purpose.

The purpose of the human soul is to find happiness. The ancient Vedic scriptures speak about four purusharthas which mean “the soul’s purpose” and they are artha, kama, dharma, and moksha.

Artha means economic development; Kama refers to fulfilling desires; Dharma includes living by social laws (right conduct) and serving society; Moksha is freedom from worldly existence or spiritual knowledge.

However, aspiring for the purusharthas merely as worldly goals does not fulfill a person’s purpose.

When we connect with our innermost self, we can see that all the purusharthas are actually part of our nature and lead us to our ultimate goal – liberation.

When we practice yoga, it brings balance into our lives which in turn allows us to experience the purusharthas more authentically. We can then begin working towards living a life that flows with the natural rhythm of the heart.

Yoga practice allows us to experience our soul’s purpose through meditation, connection, and service.

If you are feeling confused about your next steps in life, then try yoga. It can help you find a way back to home. Namaste!

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