We all know it: Yoga is a trend. It has been very  popular since the 60’s  and it has become in one of the most trendy and popular practices all over the world.

You can find Yoga classes for any kind of people. For example, there is Hatha, Kundalini , Ashtanga, Iyengar, Bikram, facial, laughing and even nude yoga. It doesn’t matter which one you choose; at the end you will have lots of benefits. Let me tell you some of them.

If you practice yoga, you have already experienced some benefits just after a session.  You feel calmer,  more relaxed and with a clear mind.

But there is something much deeper going on  within yourself as a result of a regular practice.

Let me name a few benefits of yoga:

6.Peace peace and more peace

You will have this peaceful state of mind where getting into drama of discussions is just not part of your daily routine. You wont get easily into discussions in the traffic of with someone pushing your buttons.
This means that you will learn to take distance, breath and just step away. You become very aware of the energy around and learn how to just walk away and have an adult discussion when the heat has cooled down.

7. Lots of scientifically proven physical benefits

Yoga is widely accepted by the medical sector and many people get the advice to start a regular practice; Some of the physical benefits of yoga are:
  • Helps to improve joint health.
  • Improves your cardiovascular system.
  • Reduces tension and fatigue.
  • Great against depression.
  • Helps to reduce chronic pain.
  • Reduces blood pressure.
  • Helps to reduce migraine.
  • Increases Strength and flexibility.
  • Helps to reduce nausea and other results from chemotherapy.
  • And many more!
If you have not started a yoga practice yet, don’t wait any longer! There is always perfect to start, there is always time and that time is NOW.
You don’t need to be super flexible! if you find it challenging to sit on the floor, use a cushion or even a chair!
or have a look at this Yoga for flexibility  also perfect for beginners.
and if you want a more challenging class, you find here one:
There are no excuses! Create time for you. and  JUST DO IT!
And let me help you during the process 😉
Lots of love and see you very soon.